Urban Forex 10 Pips Per Day Scalping Strategy

July 15, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies

www.urbanforex.com This is a 10 pips per day scalping strategy by Navin Prithyani.

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25 Responses to “Urban Forex 10 Pips Per Day Scalping Strategy”
  1. SuperMboma says:

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  2. urbanforex says:

    Guys for any questions and answers, please use our Support page on our site. Thanks for watching and supporting.

  3. urbanforex says:

    @pokicheckers Thank you. We will be adding alot more content and strategies with detailed videos starting next week.

  4. 1751red says:

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  5. mojbiznes says:

    A little bit to hard for me…

  6. pokicheckers says:

    nice stratgeties you give man i appreciate your hard working thanks man

  7. mrlantern23 says:

    Does this mean you have to stay in front of the computer all day/night?

  8. spencereng says:

    Do you use multiple timeframes or only the 15min chart? Does the strategy work on a 5 min chart?

  9. tigpips says:

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  11. @fastscalper you are a liar

  12. fastscalper says:

    10 pips ? wtf … The worst day of my 25 pips

  13. With my Robot u can get 100 pips per day…

  14. DNAblues says:

    @MikefromMadrid what’s your problem asshole?

  15. @aqeel3344

    mother fucker work it out


  16. aqeel3344 says:

    what about the stop loss please?

  17. fitless says:

    You should have gone long the second time a candle closed outside the upper band instead of fighting the trend. You could have made a lot more pips without risking much.

  18. vladpuha says:

    I was looking into this idea myself. You are engaged against the trend – a retracement usually is about 10 pips on 5 min charts but it way very risky. Why not doing it from the bol average (0) down/up towards the the average that trend is pushing into.

  19. ftse07 says:

    brilliant tutorials, can these strategies be implemented in spreadbetting with $1 per point or i’m i better of opening an account with one of the fx brokers? Tanx and keep it up from UK

  20. What broker and platform are you using? Im kinda new to this and i cant find other brokers than Forex.com

  21. @Paulwhiteshark die shitbag

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