Phil Newton’s Break out Strategy | Price Action Forex Trading

June 4, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies In this Forex Trading Strategy Video you will see a detailed description of how I trade the Asian session range break out. Price action forex trading at its simplest!

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28 Responses to “Phil Newton’s Break out Strategy | Price Action Forex Trading”
  1. FXHEROS says:

    Great strategy will try on demo account keep up the good work.

  2. noexit2109 says:

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  3. Nice one, anything for scalping?

  4. AyannaShana says:

    Greatest Asian women ****

  5. DesgWabfrt says:

    What is your choice here Russian ladies

  6. Henri11313 says:

    Hi every body ho are intrested in forex,do not put more than minimum,and try that i am saying the truth,they are stealers,but with the low,so u put your money,start to trade,and they,…dont let u trade,they are waiting,so they take your money,and all these ED are facks ,…dont start never with forex,…

  7. n33dw33d3333 says:

    this is just a case of a brakeout, every brakeout its different, this is not a strategy

  8. robnfc1 says:

    @5.23 was that a fart

  9. nishadmm1 says:

    If anybody interested in getting a successful trading strategy
    contact me at I will show you successful real time trading method.

  10. mesa134 says:

    and yes trading is simple…why not everyone is making money is cause they fail to at money management /psychology which makes up 80% of trading

  11. mesa134 says:

    i would have entered at that right hand shoulder…1.5570 area ..confirmation with moving averages 10 20 50

  12. pierneus says:

    The logic of your technique is good, too bad it doesn’t work on a 15 min time frame. There is another time frame where these kind of break outs work. Good trades to everyone!

  13. Serrokot says:

    Anti-recessionary measures are directed against market formation of the prices. It means the governments in the opened trade against the people and the market.

  14. BSJWright says:

    @mmjotic I have traded with Phil in his live trading room, and made 307 pips my first week, from a position of making consistent losses. Granted this was using a refined strategy but the principle is quite similar. Hardly “medicore material”.

  15. risnandars says:

    break and hit when pullbak. got it. thanks for the info

  16. prodigee411 says:

    you’re missing a very important tool in analyzing ranges…an oscillator.

  17. afqawq says:

    I’m writing to tell you that your system is definitely the best system for Forex traders that I’ve ever used. I tried various programs with little effect but the signal method is what I always wanted. This way I can do other things instead of worrying about market analysis and other complicated stuff. I’m absolutely satisfied with this system. Learn how to make easy money at [ MakeMoney8Xcom ](replace X with a dot)

  18. sangharaja says:

    Great like it very informative

  19. mmjotic says:

    the details are very limited I doubt many people will be able to take anything from this. It is why so many people can’t trade. Trade management was not mentioned. The assumption regarding price target was not based on anything statistically significant. There is not much here that I can say will give you a probabilistic advantage. Its a promotional tool to get people interested in easy money and most likely lured into paying for mediocre material

  20. pow2ride says:

    very informative. thanks.

  21. SadeTabitha says:

    Nice try. Keep it up check out esteembpo + com for social media marketing. vnkcxv

  22. pnewton69 says:

    Firstly depends where you are in the world and what times your broker uses. Secondly the range is based on price not time so a range can start before teh asian session and go on after the asian session has finnished… most commonly you will see a range through the asian session although recently there have been quite a few asian session trends

  23. skateyuk says:

    i’m confused, on the chart the timescale below the asian range says 15:00 (3pm), shouldnt this be 23:00 (11pm)

  24. andysfx says:

    totally awesome


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