No BS Forex Trading

August 22, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading News Are you tired of all the BS in the forex industry? A lot of traders can relate to this because of all the garbage that is being sold as Forex courses or trading strategies. And if this has left you unmotivated and frustrated, here are some NO BS Trading Principles that can help you to see through the garbage in the Forex industry and finally separate your self from traders who are consistently losing. http

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11 Responses to “No BS Forex Trading”
  1. tradeartist says:

    @jat50b So far I have not gotten any response to my complaints when I call the Fix Trend hotline. So I just keep planning the trades so that they are profitable for either of the possible outcomes in case the market forgets to obey the rules. Darn market often doesn’t know that it is supposed to follow rules.

  2. jat50b says:

    Scott, I remember the telephone number that we had agreed to call in case we had problems with the trend movement in the platinum seminars. Here it is 1-800-FIX-TREND. Cheers, Randy.

  3. FiniteTuning says:

    Thanks for the response, I appreciate it greatly! My only concern about this market I’m currently playing, is that I cannot even get a feel for what it’s doing, regardless of indicators. From what I have seen, I still have much to learn. But until I at least understand why things are the way they are, I can’t give up and wait till winter. I’m a need to know kind of individual. Almost regardless of the cost. I did say almost!

    Thanks again, I appreciate it greatly!

  4. FiniteTuning says:

    @tradeartist A-men, I have seen that and will attest to it! Just seems to me for some reason, my luck (if it ever was) has run out. I do most of my scalping on the 1 min or 5 min scale, but always look towards hourly and daily to get an idea of the trend movement. I play my game no different in summer verses winter, but this summer in particular has been hard on me. I’m glad you guys are doing well, but I’m not even breaking even at this point. I have about 5k to go until I’m even.

  5. tradeartist says:

    @FiniteTuning It is important to be able to identify the beginning of a trend, the end of a trend, the beginning of a correction and the end of a correction. If you see a correction that means that the trading opportunity is on a shorter time frame and whatever workded on the previous time frame will now work there.

  6. tradeartist says:

    @FiniteTuning “Shorter” means approximately 1/4 of the time frame. Trading is working beautifully for us during Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. “All you have to do is call”… lol, call the right time frame to trade that is.

  7. FiniteTuning says:

    I have done quite well in winter sessions, but now that summer is here, All I seem to be able to pull off for profit is a scalp here, there and everywhere. I’d rather play long vrs short, I mean stay in for the long haul, but it’s just not working for me this summer. I end up losing because I can’t tolerate riding the wave, or I was simply wrong in the direction of said wave. Usually, I’m correct, but I can’t watch $500.00 disappear like that when I’m not.

    What do you suggest?


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