Nial Fuller Price Action Strategies – Review Chart Confluence

August 20, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

Nial Fuller’s Price Action Training – Get Free Forex Trading Training Video Tutorials Complete Review of Nial Fuller Forex Strategies

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15 Responses to “Nial Fuller Price Action Strategies – Review Chart Confluence”
  1. Thanks for nice video.
    But I prefer free forex ea

  2. davedaddy101 says:

    I don’t understand the strategy. I assumed you meant to go short when the pin bar touched the horizontal level. Using it as a sort of pivot point. But you lost me when you said you would lose money on the 3rd pin bar. But the 3rd pin bar never touched the horizontal line, so it would have not been a short entry. So you would not have taken it. Unless I misunderstood the strategy.

  3. You can add market correlation to this to help you make a decision. best top just do a google search on forex market correlations. Nice uncomplicated video making good sense to me.

  4. jp29tree says:

    Totally agreed Rdowns69. Thanks so much Nial.

  5. Rdowns69 says:

    I’ve been learning off this videos for a while now. Nial makes trading forex seem very easy.

  6. jp29tree says:

    This video seems very well done and informative. Has anyone else bought Nial’s course? What do you think of it. Im considering purchasing it.

  7. xfactor0927 says:

    Great video Nial. Really information. Love your website too.

  8. larry268 says:

    Nial Fuller is a great forex educator and his price action strategies are simple and right to the point. His website is full of free and relevant price action information. It’s nice to finally find someone in the forex world who isn’t full of crap.

  9. TimTamMad says:

    Very nice video. Thanks for sharing


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