Money Management: Forex Trading And Being In Love

July 23, 2011 by  
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For more information go to There comes a time in every trader’s life when they suddenly start fancying a trade. This is like emotional involvement that is so strong that it is unexplainable. Like love. They want to coax the trade, talk to it and have no barriers spoiling the relationship. So stops are removed to give the relationship room to blossom and bloom. The trader gets so taken in by the trade that there is a belief that the trade will never let the trader down. After all there is this deep relationship that has developed. A trade entered into on the five minute chart will suddenly become justifiable on the daily chart. The trader tries everything to win the heart of the new love. Like a boy experiencing his first relationship the trader can think of nothing else but the new found relationship. The trader’s behaviour becomes clumsy and irrational and he is high on hope and optimism that the relationship will be a good one. His friends warn him against the dangers of this newly found infatuation but he defends his new love with some irrational comment. But the maiden he is courting is a sly one. She encourages him with moves in his direction and then slowly moves away. Every move in his direction is a promise of what may be. Every move away makes the trader wonder what has gone wrong with the relationship. Stop! Wake up!! She may never come back to you. You will be lulled into this type of relationship when you are at your weakest or when you are

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