Mobile Business 101 – Forex Trading

August 24, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading News Travel the world and take your entire business along in your pocket. Mobile devices and Forex trading = freedom.

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12 Responses to “Mobile Business 101 – Forex Trading”
  1. zwarst says:

    Amen to that brother.

  2. tradeartist says:

    At the time I made this video the Asus did not have a hard drive and not enough memory to really run robust applications like some charts but now the mini notebooks are about all to the point where they are suitable for trading.

  3. Thanks for your encouraging and informative webcast..I really want to pursue FOREX trading even though a lot of people keeps warning me and telling burned stories

  4. lukasvoboda says:

    Asus eee is absolutly suitable for forex trading, don´t blame here.

  5. zotopec says:

    u know Mr. Hubert, forgive me if I got your name wrong, you are a celebrity. You have been recommended to me to cherish and count on your advises. Keep going.

  6. tradeartist says:

    I did a search and found the Mogul is a Windows Mobile 6 device, the same as my Samsung I760 so Dealbook Mobile will work fine.

  7. tradeartist says:

    I am not familiar with the mogul phone. If the phone uses Windows mobile it will work. Of course the web version will work on any device that has internet.

  8. can u acess the Dealbook Web on the mogul phone? I know they have the mobile version but the web is better.

  9. Its a good video..


  10. Nalwabli says:

    I like your videos and advises,



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  2. Juan says:

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    thanks for information!…

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