How to make $16,7000 trading Forex using a Secret strategy

June 5, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies

Watch Greg Secker nail $16700 using a simple but effective forex strategy

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11 Responses to “How to make $16,7000 trading Forex using a Secret strategy”
  1. @BIGscammers

    I think you are a scammer. I don’t believe a word you said.

  2. I guess you’re not making money trading..

  3. BIGscammers says:

    Hes a big scammer i know i went to his coarse ,he doent fully teach you and he doesnt back up his items unless your going to pay him extra of coarse whic ther is know mention in coarse but it is in that little fine print on th sign up forms, why would any body that is doing an honest thing for people hide these details, well easy beacuse hes a BIGSCAMMER DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS COARSE AND TO TOP IT OFFFFFFFFFFF THEY REFUSE TO GIVE YOUR MONEY BACK

  4. adanali85 says:

    @SSmithOnline this is greg secker the internationally known life trader. he is one of the best traders in the world and owns proberbly half of it.

  5. SSmithOnline says:

    WOW, That’s alot of money you’re working with. Did you deposit alot of money to start with or did you start out will less funds and traded your way up to that amount of funds?


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