Hammers, Shooting Stars, Doji, Forex, Charts, Technicals

July 22, 2011 by  
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30 Responses to “Hammers, Shooting Stars, Doji, Forex, Charts, Technicals”

    China raises rates…calling a med term top in SP and bottom in USD baby!! This is it…Look for new youtubes this week! once new website is up and running will be doing daily youtubes at 7am est!

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  3. CANWEST101 says:

    I am very disappointed that the number of postings on this site has reduced. As a team we must support Andrew Spanton because of what he has contributed to all of us over the years. He is dedicated to help you the forex trader make money. He may not always be correct but he is right at least 80% of the time. He has unique strategies that can help YOU. I again encourage all of you to post questions on this site. Andrew wants to help you in forex — just ask . He is a great man.
    Best wishes

  4. CANWEST101 says:

    I would like to thank all of you for your insightful comments on this site. Through these comments you educate the total forex team. I think that Andrew has been fantastic to all of us. He is a true leader. Please continue your comments but I would ask that also pose questions to Andrew to incease the interactive nature of this site and.Good luck trading today.

  5. Trichet signals one as opposed to a few increases and only waving inflation flag a little bit today. After fed statement session may be possibly short volatility spikes as everyone will be watching Euro 2008 semi final in Europe as traders love sports.

  6. Chart techs on pairs today wednesday look like US dollar weakness. Commods and oil still high. Gold levels are key certainly. Will find out today how much Helicopter Ben is an inflation fighter or someone who unlike Paulsen is serious to back US dollar for down the road growth. Think Ben is in a bind. M2 and old M3 (where you can comb the Fed data) have slowed from March so the superpumping of the Fed/ECB printing press has eased a lot last two months compared to last few years. BofE rate hikes?

  7. CANWEST101 says:

    I would like you all to please comment on this video. If you have any technical questions on what you have heard on the video please place them here and Andrew will be pleased to answer you daily. Look for further education, chart analysis and weekly updates coming soon. You can also catch Andrew on global fx radio. Andrew’s team is dedicated to forex and would be pleased to bring you into the team. Good luck trading today.

  8. fxpsycho says:

    The Euro has fallen quite a bit after the IFO data came out worse than expected,
    It now seems that 1.5635-55 might be toppish for the next two-three days. On the donwside, a fall below 1.55 could take the Euro down towards 1.54. Dollar/yen is back to 108, interesting..:-)

  9. stratofx says:

    Nice little video u r the best Andrew

  10. southernmind says:

    On what timeframe has the USD/JPY fail to rise above the 200 EMA?

  11. fxpsycho says:

    The Euro has moved up today, reversing all of yesterday’s fall. It is now nearing intra-day Resistance at 1.5644. In Usd/jpy The market is taking the failure to rise past the 200-day MA pretty badly. Dollar-Yen is testing the first important Support of 107.35. If this is broken, a further fall towards 106.70, might well be seen. Lets see how the week ends.

  12. Euro came off 90 pips from data around 4am est. Range trading looking like summer a bit. Think everyone and traders are waiting to watch big match and see Germans lose, we shall see.

  13. fxpsycho says:

    We saw Cable leap to a 9-day high after the disclosure that UK retail sales rose by a whopping 3.5% last month, to stand 8.1% higher on an annualized basis. GBP/CHF buying after the no change SNB rate verdict helped depress EUR/GBP. Usd/jpy massive selling which is so badly anticipated for many days is not yet seen even today. :)

  14. fxpsycho says:

    Not much change from yesterday as we move in a tiny range. Hope to see some action in NY session.

  15. CANWEST101 says:

    Greetings to the entire forex team. I would like to remind all of you to please comment on this site daily and send a copy of Andrew’s daily newsletter to 5 new people every day. After you do that then join us in “FREE FOREX RADIO ” in Paltalk for a real time analysis of the day’s trading activity. Andrew will be glad to answer all you questions either here You tube or in his daily radio program. Andrew is a fantastic person and is a great teacher. I wish all of you a profitable trading day.

  16. Oil and comods still ruling their long term bull market phases. Euro back to techs/fundamentals as Irish will get sweetners for voting again; what a candy store/sweet shop Brussels is! Euro as Psycho says proned to test sups again. Who is the better inflation fighter; JC or Ben? DlrYen on borrowed time for techs. Loonie to test lows. Will watch Italy v France rather then trade for awhile and cheer for Romania to upset apple cart.

  17. fxpsycho says:

    The Euro has dipped a little during the day, but remains above 1.5460 so far. It it manages to remain above 1.5460 through the rest of the day, it could well move up towards 1.5565 or even 1.5600. To be careful, a fall below 1.5460 (if seen) could push the Euro down towards 1.5400. GBP has been thumped badly. Choppy day elsewhere and hopefully NY brings some direction. :)

  18. CANWEST101 says:

    I trust you all had a profitable start to the week and have used Andrew’s support to make you money. Andrew is fantastic in his analysis — he delivers it with enthusiasm and is a great “people person.” I hope that you all appreciate him. With his daily newsletters, his weekly youtube videos amd his his daily radio programs you have all you need to do very well in Forex. If you want even more then join premium where Andrew gives you a whole other level of forex services. Have a good day team

  19. tommocash says:

    We need more educational videos please

  20. fxpsycho says:

    One point of view is that there is a possible Double Top on the Weekly Close chart. This suggests a possible reversal of/ serious threat to the multi-year Euro uptrend and could target 1.47 in the weeks ahead, if it works out. Before that, there is strong Support near 1.53-52, where there is a trend line Support on the Weekly Candles,
    Another point of view is that it is still ranged between 1.5300-5845. For the day, the Euro has bounced from the morning low and trading at 1.5470.

  21. southernmind says:

    Looks like the dollar took a hit overnight. Read a report that US banks were buying Euros. Wonder what that is all about.

  22. look at eur jpy, gbp jpy and suck your triple roll down your throat. you have been a bear since 161 levels, and look where it is now.

  23. Trust you all did well on Euro last 24 if not this week. Irish made Helicopter Ben’s job easier this week, something Paulsen could never accomplish. Fait accompli now you French politicians? Go back to the drawing board and make a level playing field in EU.Hands off ECB money printing press.

    DlrYen correction ‘on the radar’. Oil comods softer today.Fireworks not over.

  24. Sometimes among fundamentals and technicals, political concerns take over. Every EU currency including sterling has gotten hammered from close last 18 or 19 hours.This factor has been discussed and debated over the last little while in room. People that are astute have made a lot of money for it. Great article in FT from Vaclav Klaus as to why euro can’t work sometimes as a ‘one size fits all’ currency. J.K. Galbraith knew it would be tough. To all French politicians; suck it up! Vive liberte.

  25. fxpsycho says:

    The Euro has tested 1.5395 during the day and has bounced slightly from there. However, that does not rule out chances of a dip towards 1.5365, the 05-June Low in the US session. That said, there are reasonable chances of a rally towards 1.5455-75, if not 1.5500-25, whether or not there is a further dip towards 1.5365. Cable has witnessed a collapse. However, a better than expected US Retail Sales could be the nail in the coffin for Cable.

    US session and BERNANKE holds the key.


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