FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 4

August 23, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

This is an educational video to show forex traders how to use fibonacci extensions as a leading indicator for placing profit targets in their trading plans. Recorded for the DailyFX audience, the FXCM MetaTrader (MT4) platform was used for the live market examples. Recorded by Wayne McDonell of FX Bootcamp, LLC (

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37 Responses to “FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 4”
  1. @corfio its the same. If the trend is down, the 38.2 is just with a -
    Imagin turning it around :P it will go longer down, and less up.

  2. AfiliatAds says:

    for more money watch this

  3. corfio says:

    this is for up trend but if we have down trend? is it the same

  4. have great results with EA, there is one 100% Free if anybody want.

  5. Where can we get our hands on that fibo tool you’re using?

  6. yunielescaz says:

    hi so where would u enter since u have so many choices of fib entries? 382, 50 or 618?

  7. raytedr says:

    sweet az cuz. now i need a computer ey

  8. mankarung1 says:

    its very useful information can guide me to be a successful trader

  9. gkaya says:

    You are the man Wayne!

  10. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

  11. latitudpv says:

    Thank you for your videos. Keep the good work. mexico is following you.

  12. rexxido says:

    very good video!i learnt a lot

  13. thank you for informable and valuable lecture with very clear voice and clear language.thank you for upload.

  14. Thanks, think I’m almost ready for that bootcamp Wayne! You rock!

  15. jbriggy says:

    Its a good video, but I had a big concern. Every example in this video explained what fibonacci level would look like assuming you were to BUY. How about an example where you would SELL a currency?

  16. MsLucky1977 says:

    I was pleasant amazed – my last ideas about fibo-extentsion like ideas in this video. Moving averages (21, 34, 55, 89, and other numbers of Fibonacci) are excellent supports and resistances in any time frame. Envelopes of MA, shifted in Y with fibo-numbers (for example MA(144; +/-2.1%; +/-3.82%) in GBP, 4 hours) also can help detection aims, where we take profit.
    “Forex is loneliness”, but You are not lonely, Wayne! :-)

  17. cherylish1 says:

    thank you for sharing- I have a better understanding of the FIB & Moving averages now- I appreciate the videos!!

  18. i like your schooling

  19. bobbandiera says:

    Great!!! complimenti, bravissimi!!!

  20. chariscyprus says:


  21. Great stuff – thanks for sharing


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