FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 2

August 21, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

This is a video overview of how to improve the timing of your trades using the oscillators MACD and Stochastics. The goal of the forex trading strategy is to align market and price action for the best chance of success when you pull the trigger. Video produced by FX Bootcamp, LLC (

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40 Responses to “FOREX Training – Timing Your FOREX Trades Pt 2”
  1. fashion20121 says:

    Invest in forex and earn money.

    Remove spaces w w w

    w w w ag

  2. hey when using macd the lines cross but its still below the “water level” but pointed up but price goes down still !even though stochs agreed! I like the part 1 method better and confirm it with the oscillators.
    I am looking at 1 min charts with fxcm and it dont seem as easy as your examples! Dang

  3. richyn2 says:

    i got a Q, hope u or somebody can answer.. in my MACD.. long cycle should be =21
    short cycle should be = 55, and periods should be = 8 ??? Thank you !!!

  4. sieeersciuch says:

    When you close order? if you are playig MACD and Stoch?

  5. ryanweng00 says:

    Thank you for all your blood, sweat and tears on testing and making the changes on MACD and Stoch, Wayne.

    I am falling in love in MACD and stoch, and I am going to practicing putting 100 times by finding strong support or resistance (daily and weekly reversal pivot, EMAs, fib levels and enter when extreme MACD cross and stoch) and I will journal it.

    Right now I am fully committed to do whatever it takes to join the 5% club and I look forward to share my success with you.

  6. ankurgoyals8 says:


  7. Pedromax2007 says:

    Thanks Wayne, your advice is good and easy to understand.

  8. got one free EA if anybody looking for..Great results.

  9. joebears15 says:

    great video, It gives you a sense of what is going on and that you are not totaly on the outside looking in. 5*

  10. asefawewqf says:

    This system is in my opinion the best you can get out of Forex. You get completely automated trading directions, so that you don’t have to go into difficult analysis to learn how to trade. In fact, you don’t need almost any knowledge about Forex. I joined recently and now I spend only a few minutes each day working with the system and I already earned a nice sum of money. Learn how to make money at [ MakeMoney8XXcom ](replace XX with a dot)

  11. very VERY complicated..i would suggest you guys to try out SRDC or Buaya Puteh methods…..much easier……and its free…

  12. gbpbot says:

    Forex Trading Can Be Automated With Ground Breaking 98.44% Precision. Come Check out the trailer on our channel.

  13. arjun12345a says:

    Wayne tell me 1 thing, the time MACD crosses for sell, stochs always comes in oversold position, When stochs reaches back in overbrought region, MACD changes its course. And till this time prices also touches Fibonacci retracement levels, so how to trade with this method?

  14. shahir5709 says:

    thanks wayne, i manage to get 300 pip using this techniques.

  15. DDDianaDDD says:

    Great video, thanks!

  16. latitudpv says:

    I am in the learning process but i like who Wane does teach us how to trade. Keep up the good work.

  17. IamTheTuna says:

    LOL! It’s not “YOUR DOG” he said “Imagine you are dog fighting” meaning you’re in combat… you crack me up!

  18. texxta says:

    lol 14:20 imagine “your dog” fighting in a fighter plane… wtf is my dog doing in a fighter plane ?

  19. bvelha says:

    This is the first tech video i watch from Wayne, i have visited FXBootcamp, did not sign up. this video, and objectivity has peaked my interest again. if you”ve been in the FX trenches for a while, u know that there are many ways to trade, but there is always a way to improve. i will definitely watch the rest of the series. i started to make money when i realized that i had to trade what everyone else was seeing not some obscure system/technique. Wayne seems to show that!

  20. derekmizak says:

    Excellent explanation, clear and practical

  21. A new robot coming out in December 2009 called 4xGreed gonna be hot


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