Forex Trading System with the ADX Indicator

August 20, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading News

The average directional Index or ADX, is an indicator that is use to determine the strength of a prevailing trend. The ADX is measured on a scale from zero 100 with a series of lines…

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27 Responses to “Forex Trading System with the ADX Indicator”
  1. KeshaWW says:

    Growth of the price at the expense of purchases for money from growth. That’s all….

  2. mrhanisan says:

    you are amazing…thx for the share

  3. chompu2010 says:

    Thank you so much.

  4. 305BallerEJ says:


  5. luispessoa27 says:

    Thanks very very much for you effort.
    Finnaly I wonderstood ADX.

    Luis from (Portugal) ;)

  6. wtgsdfes says:

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  7. dikinan says:

    whts the time frame to be used for a day trader????

  8. nice info..could you please tell the setting value of the graph??

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  10. veryrich2 says:

    Clearly above average and fits well with existing and successful plan of mine.

  11. markcrisp07 says:

    i find indicators are a waste of time in trading. They are lagging and at the very best a distraction.

  12. wowdegree says:

    it makes me pay attention

  13. edicccc says:

    this guy sounds like the teacher from Southpark. nOK nnnOK nnnnnOK nnOK nnnnOK

  14. vishal1978 says:

    I am a FAN of mission phoenix, i bought MP program and loved it, he will teach you every nut and bolt you need to be a successful trader and his indicators are fantastic and extremely to use.
    I highly recommend.

  15. Naota3 says:

    wao, finally someone explaining and not selling shit

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    easygoldmoneyfast . com

  17. SounzNice says:

    Does anyone know softwares that allow users to input their own data in txt format. I only know of one, metastock, but the costs are outrageously steep. Any help is appreciated.

  18. cmastelv says:

    100% correct.

    The problem is, you get so many false indicators that if you trade the system you lose more on them than any trend move like that in the video.

  19. 100jaican says:

    whats the settings for the -DMI and the +DMI

  20. TolekBonanno says:

    This looks good on the chart, but if you program the rules and test them, this method will not make any money.

  21. Very nicely done. A favorite


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    thanks for information….

  2. Austin says:

    urbanization@eluted.maxim” rel=”nofollow”>.…

    ñýíêñ çà èíôó!…

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