Forex Trading My Heiken Ashi Method.FLV

May 31, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies for more information on how I use the heiken Ashi Indicator to profit from the forex markets

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24 Responses to “Forex Trading My Heiken Ashi Method.FLV”
  1. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    Good point, I will take that into consideration. The only problem is you will more than likely end up loosing in the market if you take profits consistently for less than what you are risking. I am not so sure this entry method will provide 98% win ratio which is what you will need if you take less profit for the amount you risk. I do use a scalping method that has a high win ratio and comes out ahead but this strategy was not designed that way so not sure how that would workout.. will test ty.

  2. cyhayward says:

    I like your entry method but I’ve never been a fan of profit target based exits. The market has no consideration for profit targets, so why not make your exit based on the actual market conditions? Perhaps just an MA crossover, or your trend indicator may suffice.

    But arbitrary exits based on what number of pips you want to acquire simply don’t have any relation to what happens in the market.

  3. I think the first rule in making a particular transaction being strategy.I think our emotions and our logic is impossible without a strategy to stand in the face of :) At the very least the case for me.Everyone must create its own strategy, or the rules .

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    What are your particular offer while intra-day trading strategies?

  4. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    Hi, Traded on the 30 minute chart.

  5. skateyuk says:

    what chart period is this, 30m, 1hr or other?

  6. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    @prodigee411 odds of getting 3 to 1 is low too. You lower your contract size to fit your risk tolerence levels to take advantage of these profitable moves.

  7. Free Forex EA- works perfectly fine for me.

  8. zsafws says:

    Once you learn my system you will have a major advantage over most people trying to make money in the Forex market. With a little practice you can be winning in the Forex market unlike 95% of the others out there. And believe me, it’s sure a lot more fun taking money from them than it is letting them take money from you. You can also make it at makemoney8 . com

  9. prodigee411 says:

    60 pip stop is 120…you might as well give your money away. maximum pip loss for most traders should be 10-20 and risk/reward should at least be 3:1.

  10. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    Yes you could use fib to get your profit targets. I typically with this method just double my risk and use that as profit target. The moving average you see here is customized but a 25 period moving average works well too.

  11. is it possible to set fib to set profit target? also, is it a 20 or 30 moving average that you have on your chart? thanks a bunch!

  12. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    Actually there are several ways to trade the sideways trend and/or channel. This particular video just so happens to be focused on trading the up and down trends. You can find out more at 4xdaytrader

  13. MrDenka35 says:

    show us sideways trend? oops no system for that. ha

  14. olegirpen says:


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  15. forexdaily says:

    @chrisbenjy Hello everybody,please check my trading methode,I designed it to help all traders that are struggling…cheers my chanel is FOREXDAILY,see you soon to discuss it

  16. forexdaily says:

    Hello everybody,please check my trading methode,I designed it to help all traders that are struggling…cheers my chanel is FOREXDAILY,see you soon to discuss it

  17. 4xdaytrader2 says:

    No software really, this is the metatrader 4 platform available with most brokers and HA indicator.

  18. chrisbenjy says:

    what chart software are you using?


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