Forex Trading – How to Use ADX

August 22, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading News

How to use the ADX idicator

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31 Responses to “Forex Trading – How to Use ADX”
  1. sfmaxim says:

    Thanks great tutorial video!!!

  2. streeteats says:

    Very informative. would appreciate more examples of when it doesn’t work.

  3. Thanks, cool video.I have great results with EA

  4. amgalanbator says:

    great traning video, i would like see how you combine rsi, stochastic, and macd

  5. khanzofny657 says:

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  7. adobe222 says:

    Great ADX Training Video. Thanks

  8. XomgXjesus says:

    i got questions how do i use my metatrader and my forex robot on my etrade account?

  9. W0rldBeat says:

    I’ve read that the ADX rarely gets above 60 so display limit of 67 should not pose any issues. Good video and good explanation of this fascinating indicator.

  10. Nice video, Come see my profile for free internet marketing coaching ! Limited time offer

  11. ssnakeydnb says:

    it says in the video that he’s using metatrader ffs

  12. where do i get the chart your using?

  13. krkr333 says:

    thats great man
    But I think over the 35 would be enough if it is heading higher
    And about your own indicator I hope they work well with you

  14. Great! I really like the ADX as well, I don’t use much unless I’m just managing some of my other investments in the stock markets. I’ve developed my own indicator for the forex and I really love using it because….well because it just rocks!

  15. zotopec says:

    MP, can’t thank you enough for this video ….. this is like sharing wealth.


  16. RxPert215 says:

    Great Video!!! I’m a beginner in Forex trading and understood everything in this video. I realize this may not be the only method I should use in Forex trading given the potential for false positives, but I’m excited about learning more from your future video tutorials. Thanks for your help!

  17. jagvocate says:

    Great instructional video–I used ADX for the first time today, trading small with 100 contracts on SKF and RIMM. Made a significant amount more than I usually do, with less effort, while simply scalping, just testing entry points and seeing what would happen on a very short time frame. I like this video and ADX and hope to learn more.

  18. Hai there MissionPhoenix, I have a question about trading system, can you show me a simple trading system as tutorial – combination of indicators to make it as “conformation” as trader mostly saying. I want to learn building my own trading system. Far can see i still have problem combining indicators in chart, therefor I need some tutorial as my guide. Thank you very much for your time.

  19. carpelo says:

    What about other oscillators and indicators?
    I love your last two videos, the one about RSI and this one.

  20. It is my pleasure. It’s important to me that people learn the correct way to use the tools. Do you have any requests? What else do you want to learn?

  21. Thank you for the video, i now have some idea how to use ADX correctly. Good explanation, Good video too.


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