Forex Trading #51: Counterfeit ECN Brokers

June 9, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies Stephen describes the trend of some Forex brokers, particularly the Market Makers in passing themselves off as ECN brokers. But beware, they are not. As a Forex Coach, Stephen teaches folks how to select, test, and filter brokers to make sure that you are getting what you expect.

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14 Responses to “Forex Trading #51: Counterfeit ECN Brokers”
  1. @dodgeshelbyviper


    Thank you for your question. I use lucrorfx.

    Come see my website and lets talk about your forex needs. I have all kinds of ways to help people to reach their trading goals.

    Stephen Story
    Forex Coaching Pros
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    (011-01) 801-607-5249

  2. Hi Stephen, great video. My question now is, based on this Video would you still recommend, MB Trading, PFG Best, ATC Brokers and LucorFX as your recommended ECN brokers from Video 49 and Comments under that video?

  3. sownzgr8 says:

    Very important segment here. Thanks.

  4. roymakkaypl says:

    @ForexCoachingPros I will be pleased If you could give me names of that trading firms..

  5. @roymakkaypl
    I beg to differ sir. I have students who are now making livings with their trading. others who are now trading professionally with trading firms. Others who are making significant supplemental income from it. I am sorry that your experience has been so poor, Many people may feel similarly to you, but they would find a completely different and very positive experience at Forex Coaching Pros. Especially now that I have added my BionicCyborg Apprenticeship Trading Signal Service

  6. satjathamma says:

    thank you, very good info!

  7. dailyforman says:

    thank you for the video.

  8. roymakkaypl says:

    how many people make from 1000 $ -> 1,000,000 $ on forex ?


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