Forex Trading #49: ECN Broker Suggestions

June 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies On this free forex video, Stephen, a world-renowned forex mentor, gives his suggestions for the best ECN brokers that he knows. As part of your Forex Strategy, when you are ready to begin live trading, the broker you use is very important!

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14 Responses to “Forex Trading #49: ECN Broker Suggestions”
  1. Yes there are some good ECN brokers. I speak about them on a couple of other Tips on Trading videos in my library on youtube and on my website at forextidalwave. I also have a much more detailed article I have written about this on my Blog at the same site. You should try lucrorfx . They allow my students avantages that they will not be able to get elsewhere. PFGbest, ATCbrokers, and MBT are also good if you want a US broker, but they may be more NFA restricted

  2. satjathamma says:

    thank you Stephen for this info, I now know why I been loosing all this time, as a first time investor this have been a hard blow to me, it’s a shame I didn’t see your video before, I wish they will all be locked up some day, they are nothing but thieves! Stephen, what to think of brokers which offer use MT4? are they all bucketshops? and finally I want to ask you if Activetrades broker in uk would be good? I been checking them out recently, they claim to be no desk dealing. thanks again.

  3. matrixxxxxx1 says:

    What I find ironic is lot of the forex brokers won’t open an account with another type of currency for example CDN. This is about currency trading yet you can not choose which currency to hold your funds in.

    What if you’re bearish on the US dollar for example long term?
    Why are you required to hold your funds in US only. Doesn’t make any sense.

    I wish the recommended brokers here open you up in non US funds especially MB Trading

  4. maxdecimus88 says:

    Hey Stephen… thanks for all your videos, they are very imformative. I shall be checking out the ECN Brokers that you recommended.

  5. There are two things that will keep you from being successful as a live trader, even though your demo account trading is great:

    1- An unethical or dishonest broker

    2- Emotional interference trading a live account that causes you to compromise your trade plan.

    Be open and honest with yourself when examining both of these obstacles.

    Stephen Story

  6. SDRockman says:

    Now I know what’s going on!! I need a new broker, as Alpari UK are placing orders against me! My strategy kills on the demo, but when it came to the real thing I lose! I have lost a LOT of money by being conned by Alpari UK and I don’t have a lot of money to put money into a ECN broker….

  7. oldford71 says:

    I’m just moving from FXCM to an ECN broker..FXcbs..amazing spreads and the demo has been incredible..i know feeds are better because of the way the EA’s have been producing mass wins as opposed to mass losses or barely break evens..but i was just after an opinion from a pro trader on the legitimacy on FXcbs…

  8. This is a Market Maker claiming to be an ECN broker because they do not have a dealing desk any more. But the one taking the counter position against your trade is the one that matters if they have view and control of the trade platform. If so, you will never be allowed to become very successful by them in the long run, unless it is with an Optimized carry Trade Strategy that is more difficult for them to sabotage.

  9. These are all Market Makers and will take the counter trade position against you. For this reason you will never be allowed to become very successful by them in the long run. FXCM is claiming to be transitioning to an ECN status, but be cautions if you see lots of requotes or delay tactics on your emtries and closes. That means Market Maker, not ECN, or at least that the counter trader has control of the trade platfform to there favor.

  10. What do you think about CMS FOREX (VT Trader) and FXCM?

    I value your opinion, Thanks

  11. commodityfx says:

    FXCM is not great.

  12. sysopkc says:

    What about FXCM metatrader 4 platform, they seem popular


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