Forex System – Pin Bars -$10000 Profit

August 19, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market Forex Trading Course Pin Bar reversal System

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26 Responses to “Forex System – Pin Bars -$10000 Profit”
  1. KeshaWW says:

    Does not work. Has lost money on this system.

  2. szubaark says:

    yeah..a lot of the stuff you showing is benefit of Hindsight Analysis, Real Time trading is a whole differant world. Newbies, its not as easy as he shows,trust me!

  3. x0xOne says:

    @orionmachine Of course, with all the money he’s making, if he’s still greedy and don’t show that secret then he a selfish….then he’s a selfish…ummmmm!!!..what should i call him so he’ll post more great videos…..then he’s a selfish butterfly? yeah, that’s it ..a selfish butterfly (winked)..great video

  4. x0xOne says:

    @xfactor0927 price action …price action….price action…nothing like price action la la la…price action …i love candlesticks. Candlesticks sure light me when i am in the dark lolz

  5. Nice, but I recommend Free Forex EA – very profitable

  6. @madzane94 1lot (standard lot) = 100,000 so 800,000 means 8 standard lots

  7. madzane94 says:

    wait what? 800,000 lots? what? what does that 800,000 quantity mean… sorry i use mt4 so this is wierd to me.

  8. madzane94 says:

    Sounds like Dean Saunders! xD he’s the bossssss!

  9. xfactor0927 says:

    I have had consistent success since using price action to trade forex. Price action would work with oil too. Sounds to me like you are just trying to sell something.

  10. Actually the Forex market is a scam and nobody can make consistent money at it, sorry for the bad news. The good news is I’ve found the perfect way to trade and make money, and that’s Oil. Come see for yourself at my website within my profile.


  11. xfactor0927 says:

    Awesome. Your course is freakin amazing. I feel like I’ve been trading in the dark all this time. After browsing your website and taking your course I feel like someone has lifted a fog from my brain. Good stuff. …

  12. cpywrite says:

    can we see the opposite side some losses that you had i think it would be helpfull because everybody shows their wins but not losses plus it would help people realize you cant profit all the time

  13. orionmachine says:

    you are a generous man.


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