Forex Strategy: Catapult Setup Part1

August 16, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies

The Catapult is the first strategy we teach at DSRTradeFX, Inc. Why? Well, you need to be able to establish direction in the market. Once you have direction, you are well on your way to placing trades in the right direction. The Catapult has years of use to back its validity and transcends into other markets as well. Part 1 shows you how to set it up. Part 2 shows you the entry. Learn the other parts, like stop/limit and re-entry by attending DSRTradeFX, Inc.’s Live Daily Forex Webinar held 9am-11am ET, Monday – Feriday. Check out the video on Youtube for instructions on how to attend. Or go to and look for the current date. Click on the link and register for today’s show.

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5 Responses to “Forex Strategy: Catapult Setup Part1”
  1. shredidiah says:

    Ok so your not exactly getting the most feedback here so for what its worth…..

    In principle EMA’s are a good sign to identify trends etc. But I think if you based your trading account on just this method you will loss….BIG !
    Why ? well try it on a strategy tester on MT4 and see how many trades turn into good moves, when the market is ranging this system will kill your account.

  2. great video i have valueinformation about the topic if you wnat learn more you hae an open invitation


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    thanks for information….

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