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August 17, 2010 by  
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You don’t have to trade alone anymore. New Trading Room: Forex Tip: do not set your stop loss by a set number of pips, or at a pivot point, or a Fibonacci line. Set your stops where the Forex market tells you to set them. This forex tip has helped me improve my trading tremendously. There is no such thing as a Forex autopilot mode.

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29 Responses to “Forex Stop Loss | Forex Trading Tips”
  1. KeshaWW says:

    It is possible to trade only in the long. Because growth gives money for purchase. And the further growth on credit.
    Because always it is more than shareholders.

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  3. olegirpen says:


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  4. forexyard says:

    The stops are a key part of trading but the the short time frame doesn’t leave much room for error

  5. great stuff…I gave it 5 stars !…
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  6. check my channel for video’s about daytrading and trade like me in forex (EUR/USD, CAD/JPY etc.), stocks (coca-cola, phillips etc.), commodities (gold, silver, oil etc.) and indices (Nasdaq, Nikkei etc.

  7. stayfly247 says:

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  8. laton2010 says:

    @SirVideodude dont be upset because i am telling the truth. all of scammers react as you reacted. bulshit, what fuck learning, i know all the technical analysis. how can we trade in forex when u are in profit and suddenly some electronic devil’s machine is eating your profit?? it is frustratrating. I am out of forex

  9. SirVideodude says:

    you talk shit, sorry cause i am so rude but how can you say it is all scam ? You need to learn forex and when you learned it you can make a lot of money

  10. laton2010 says:

    forex is a scam business. the only ones winning 5% on it are the market seller, brokers and banks, for this reason i am out from this business held by devil. i am different markets now

  11. partyhouse88 says:

    Is 25 pips what you generally shoot for?

  12. mjpros12 says:

    Come On!! … Just use the one at DoubleYourMoney(DOT)tk and you’ll be fine

  13. zikojeb says:

    go to theforexmoney . blogspot . com/

  14. jgray110 says:

    In my experience, those guys can turn a short market or long market around and take all stops out no matter where they are, I guess I’m not out of the cold any time soon with money or a career here, but helpful video

  15. ismailtumz says:

    WOW,that is amazing trick to stop loss
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  16. fxpiper says:

    nice tutorial, always put stop loss to secure your capital

    w w w.fxpiper.blogspot.c o m

  17. great video i have value information about the topic if you want learn more you have an open invitation

  18. Rapidist11 says:

    could you tell me what is the best timeframe to use for this method?
    Thank you.

  19. magani4arab says:

    Free Forex tutorials

    magani4arab . blogspot . com

  20. JudiBeaver says:

    Thanks all information is appreciated, there is so much to learn to become a successful forex trader.

  21. 2living4fun says:

    The Stopploss would be ok, if you are in a Trend and have a much highter target. On a short Timeframe on Intraday Trading it is just plain stupid, he looses way to much pips, compared to what he makes. Its nice to see which profit would have been possible, but in live trading he would rarely make all those pips. BTW if price goes against you these stops gets taken out on intraday trading just before they turn around.


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