Forex scalping strategy

August 15, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies

Forex trading strategies

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20 Responses to “Forex scalping strategy”
  1. Great video,thanks. I have great results with EA

  2. tripletrend says:

    the only scalping being done in the FOREX is by those selling ridiculous robots and systems. The commodity and futures markets, including the GLOBEX, are regulated markets. Forex is very corrupt.

  3. 4xleader1 says:

    I dont see how this video helps when scalping… This is just a Normal Trade. NOT a SCALP.. Watch my Videos For a SCalp.
    Oil Trader academy..haha you are joking right. I post ALL MY TRADES LIVE 24/7 .
    I am just a trader, who is trying to help others Succeed while increasing my capital.

  4. Listen everyone, people are going to tell you they make money trading the forex, trust me, they don’t. Look at my profile and watch my video on the forex market, it will OPEN your eyes. Then let me teach you a real market by learning to trade Oil, you cannot imagine how profitable it is and how relatively easy it is to trade if you know what you’re doing. The Forex is a 100% scam market, watch my video and you’ll see. Don’t ruin your life trading the Forex

  5. great video i have valueinformation about the topic if you wnat learn more you hae an open invitation

  6. nictycaram says:

    Nice Vid LC. Thanks ,Todd


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