Forex Power Trading Secrets and Strategies

July 7, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies Review of the Forex Power Strategy Trading Course that is being released Friday, February 22. As a student of the Forex Power Strategy Course, I can tell you that this is a top-notch video course that leaves no stone(trade) unturned. You will learn from a master Forex trader as he teaches from the basics to advanced methods for trading on the foreign exchange.

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34 Responses to “Forex Power Trading Secrets and Strategies”
  1. Very interesting strategy, btw i have absolutely free and Robot (EA), if anybody looking for…

  2. ndabunka says:

    The reason he can’t “spill the beans” is because this is an ADVERTISEMENT, not any type of “independent review”. He put this on here with his website to get people to go to his website to buy stuff…commercialism pure and simple

  3. ndabunka says:

    The reason he can’t “spill the beans” is because this is an ADVERTISEMENT, not any type of “independent review”. He put this on here with his website to get people to go to his website to buy stuff…commercialism pure and simple


    30billionaireschangingtheworld dot kom

  5. andreyb2010 says:

    tradestation 8.7 forex data feed free download – w w w.

  6. check my channel for video’s about daytrading and trade like me in forex (EUR/USD, CAD/JPY etc.), stocks (coca-cola, phillips etc.), commodities (gold, silver, oil etc.) and indices (Nasdaq, Nikkei etc.

  7. sonumserder says:

    I really liked your video and your channel. If you need any help getting this video or channel exposed I use a site called tubeviews.(net) It has really helped like 20 of my main videos get to the top in position. Its nice.

    that is very awesome i love this

  8. nindeter says:

    tubeviews [dot net] finally, a way for your video to be seen.

    thanks for sharing good stuff man

  9. FastPips says:

    This is simply a referral link for a clickbank program again right?

  10. laton0 says:

    I aprecciate people selling forex systems, but my question is:why the owners of these systems do not make profits for themselves. Are those systems really making profits?

  11. 1xpagan says:

    The guy does not say it cost money to learn it. It is not free,

  12. This course teaches you both, what signals to look for in certain economic reports that are released by the government. Knowing how to read the signals is the secret to knowing how you are going to trade. But the course also teaches you basic and advanced trading techniques that allow you to trade profitably by using the signals to their best advantage ie; what hours of what day to place your trade. The techniques that are secret to this course I cannot reveal due to non-disclosure.

  13. Cnt Enterprises: My friend. ForexTE was asking a pertainent question about the trading aspect and you said that you “cannot spill the beans here.” If it is education you are disseminating, then, Why not? I am sure there is someone who is familiar with such and would grace us with some of that information. Thank you. Good day.

  14. A lot of signal, and some secret trading techniques as well. I can’t spill the beans here, but it involves a win-win ;) type situation.

  15. ForexTE says:

    Is this a signal generation system, or trading techniques?

  16. Thanks for the well wishes. As per my reply to frankttm below, I don’t know what happened to the WealthToolbox site. It wasn’t like we spent any money on it, but we were promised returns in two years by bringing in more people. WealthToolbox has nothing to do with the Forex Power Strategy course, and neither one of them are my sites. I lost everything in my WT account too. But the Forex Power Strategy Course is a great product and is making me money whenever I trade.

  17. CntEnterprises:

    You were replying to Rapla1, regarding his deleted account for 3000 dollars due to his not being logged in during the duration of his hospital stay.

    Could you please explain to him and me what happened: You give a lengthy response, yet, you had failed to answer his question. Please do. This would be much appreciated.

    Wish you well in your trading.

    Thank you.

  18. True kahool86, most people are just too lazy to follow through on what they started. Anything you do takes work. I believe so strongly in this course because one strategy that he teaches makes it next to impossible to fail if you know when to trade. He gives you all of the information that you need to find out when that is. Most people are scared. I would say to them to start out small and get used to seeing success. I’m a carpenter and I didn’t trust myself on saws until I used them a while.

  19. kahool86 says:

    in EVERY MARKET 80% dont suceed due to the fact that smaller investors are much less informed, commissions, and lack of experience… most people start making money in fx after 3 years, I can guarantee you anything that within those the first year 50% of the people will give up.

  20. Have you seen the videos on the sales page? Watch my video again and look at the top left. Do you not see an account balance of 100,000.00 Going through the course, you will see his account grow from 15,000 to over 100,000 in about 2 months. Sounds like it works to me. One guy that just bought the course Fri. made one trade in the demo account for a 150% gain. And he just started.

  21. VCCUONG2 says:

    In Forex market, 90% lose money. It’s a very complicated matter. He is just can’t make money much (or at all) from Forex but he found it’s easier to “train” other or to sell a “working system”. Be very careful!

  22. frankttm says:

    I have 4 levels deep & I really promote it. Some of my friends are telling me now that Internet is a Scam & nothing is Free. It’s true that sites can be taken down without our control. I had been Scammed 1 1/2 years ago.I spent quite a lot on the Internet.

  23. I can tell you rapla1 that this course is what it says it is. If you want to be a FOREX trader, you will learn exactly what you need to know. I followed it and and up about 7 grand in the last 3 months(see comment below). I don’t know if what Jason did with the WealthToolbox was meant to prove his worthiness as a Forex trader, but I do know that the Forex course that he teaches is precise enough for you to learn basic and advanced techniques. Maybe Jason will respond. Let’s hope so.

  24. rapla1 says:

    I had over $3000 in account and then had to go into hospital.When I got back out all the account had been deleted because ” I had not logged in”. Is this a scam and if so is this FXPS a scam also??


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