Forex MetaTrader 4 Visual Alert indicator

August 18, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

This indicator allows you to use lines to visually put where your audio alerts are. Edit: watch newer video which has new updates and location of where to download:

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29 Responses to “Forex MetaTrader 4 Visual Alert indicator”
  1. fuck..this is DEMO account right????

  2. I’ve been using a forex bot that I got at bit(dot)ly/bUf58X to make me money in this market. It basically does all the work for you and there’s a 100% refund if you don’t like it! Thumps up if you’ve had a similar experience with this product!

  3. kencruth says:

    @Dgardner2144 Globex is an exchange, just like the CME, CBOT, etc. Markets such as the e-mini S&P, e-mini Crude oil, e-mini currencies are trades. A standard futures account allows you access to most of them. Here’s a link that shows all the markets and what exchange they’re traded on

  4. Dgardner2144 says:

    @kencruth How can a person get involved in Globex Market? Do I need a futures account with Gobex data? thank you

  5. Free Forex EA – very profitable

  6. hondomax says:

    Hi im using Forex Rebellion its a good indicator…which i purchased..and got a ea forex maximizer and forexskyline 2 ea ‘s which are free..i use them when they go in and rheres profit tehn i go in on my account…good luck..their are plenty of free indicators out there and free ea’s you just have to get them and test them..if its no good delete it ..ive tried over 50 of them….im down to these 3…for now…good luck…Peace

  7. murthyt1981 says:

    Hello sir, you have said that you are using two indicators that are giving you profit in forex, please tell me which are the indicators that you are using.

  8. kencruth says:

    The FOREX markets are corrupt and unregulated. Save yourself from certain ruin by trading only regulated markets in the GLOBEX, which are part of the Commodity & Futures markets and are strictly reguated and free of the corruption that plagues the FOREX markets.

  9. I can share Free Forex EA- works perfectly fine for me..

  10. Interesting – thanks for sharing. Good luck!

  11. laton2010 says:

    it is not possible to make money in forex. forget it. most of market sellers dont trade on live accounts, that is why they sell all the scraps to convince the honest people to buy it feeding a dream that would not happen, never. forex is a business supported by devil.

  12. zsafws says:

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  14. OilTrading says:

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  15. its just simple…use “SendMail()” function ….

  16. good performance..If I was you I would open real account, no hesitate, using a small amount of money and starting trading independently…good earns..

  17. hondomax says:

    Nice job..ive been demo trading now with 2 indicators and started with a 5000$ account 3 months later im at 26000$..AND HAVE SEVERAL 500 $ ACCOUNTS up to 6000$ in 1 month..etc..hope things will keep this way when im on live..good trading

  18. laton0 says:

    free signals

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  20. 1800strength says:

    Nice. So the alert is only audio?

  21. does this work with a trend line? what about opening a buy position or sell position if it touches the trend line, and what about sending an email? can you add that functionality to this?

  22. platprod1 says:

    where is the download link?

  23. I am new to youtube and I need you to tell me where I need to go to download this break out Voice indicator… Thank you

  24. thanks so much for this, the indicators fanatsic, many many thanks for all your free help :-)


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