Forex: Leverage

August 18, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

How leverage (margin trading) works on Forex

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30 Responses to “Forex: Leverage”
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  4. ILuvTrading says:

    Great video– for the comment below of 1:100 being too risky—just because you have 1:100 does not mean you have to use all of it as long as you are placing your stops correctly. I have clients that are consisent and using minimal leverage, but their accounts are stilll 1:100 leverge.

  5. 1:100 leverage is too risky. It is inevitable to lose all your money if you are over leveraged.

  6. When you trade the 20K USD.. it involves you borrowing the 20k to open a trade and then returning it afterwards- on closing the trade (you keep the net result of the trade). The $200 represents the maximum amount you can lose on that trade before your account or trade is closed automatically. The more you leverage the more you increase your chance to lose your 200USD.

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  10. mixmazz says:

    no, you just lose the $200, that’s what margin call does

  11. Informative video, the key is trade with your knowledge, market savvy or in some cases signal service. Don’t get caught up in the drive for profit.

  12. cadelevans says:

    Remember: You are in control!

  13. very good materials.
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  14. warlowl says:

    so if you lost the $200 would you need to pay $20,000? I am still pretty confused with this

  15. jonnyfx says:

    ForexBastards are crooks. Only thing they do is bad mouth legitimate people to push their worthless and shady affiliate nonsense. Stay away from ForexFuckups. Because that’s what they are, FXFuckups!

  16. 4xgenie says:

    Looks like you’ve got a lot of experience in forex trading. I do
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  17. 250 dollars, great get a margin call in 5 minutes

  18. forexdemosa says:

    you can start with 250 dollars

  19. cool70200 says:

    profit, mmmmm, I want to get started in forex, but I’m kinda intimidated about all the economic forces and I dont have a lot of money

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