Forex Asia Academy Founder’s Profile – Choo Koon Lip (tSb)

June 30, 2011 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Strategies Mr. Choo Koon Lip, founder of Forex Asia Academy, shares his trading experiences and his beliefs in educating Forex to his students. Forex Asia Academy is one of the top and highly recognised Forex Schools in Singapore with a proven track record. Documented by The Story Behind

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9 Responses to “Forex Asia Academy Founder’s Profile – Choo Koon Lip (tSb)”
  1. Leokawai82 says:

    Guy, If you want to trading fx
    1. pls trade only money that you afford to lose.
    2. pls do not choose maket maker broker beacause
    2a MT4 always off-quote prevent u to close a profitable trade.
    2b They trade against client, if u loser welcome, if u winner account closed.
    3 Pls dont buy EA. all of them suck.
    4 Pls avoid fx scam that offer get rich scheme.
    5 If u prefer seminar. Pls chose fx guru that had proof live result and license for teaching.
    6 Psychology – fear of losing $ and greedy.


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