87. Forex Trading – How to Read a Currency Quote

August 14, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading News

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on how to read a currency quote for active traders and investors in the forex market.

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29 Responses to “87. Forex Trading – How to Read a Currency Quote”
  1. britoca says:

    how do I add a new quote that isn’t unlisted?

  2. register2pfr says:

    if you want to go to a live training event teaching FOREX swing trading email me and ill tell you when the next weekend webinar is on.. register2pfr@gmail.com

  3. I prefer Free Forex Robot, there is one very profitable.

  4. tripletrend says:

    the only scalping being done in the FOREX is by those selling ridiculous robots and systems. The commodity and futures markets, including the GLOBEX, are regulated markets. Forex is very corrupt.

  5. aasqqsify says:

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  6. Thanks, i prefer using forex auto robot

  7. mjpros12 says:

    Just use the one available at doubleyourmoney(dot)tk because it works just perfectly

  8. Listen everyone, people are going to tell you they make money trading the forex, trust me, they don’t. Look at my profile and watch my video on the forex market, it will OPEN your eyes. Then let me teach you a real market by learning to trade Oil, you cannot imagine how profitable it is and how relatively easy it is to trade if you know what you’re doing. The Forex is a 100% scam market, watch my video and you’ll see. Don’t ruin your life trading the Forex

  9. ismailtumz says:

    Thanks for share the video,its amazing tips for nubie like me,try INDEPENDENTINVESTOR. CO . UK to know about Financial Spread Betting, CFD and Share Trading Investing

  10. 11024988 says:

    It’s a matter of currency convergence and divergence.

  11. 11024988 says:

    You seriously haven’t the absolute first clue about any type of trading at all, do you seriously feel the indexes would be open of a weekend?

    No, they are not. I really hope you do well with this, but ONLY invest what you can afford to lose, because once you’re live, you’re trading against the best in the world.

  12. shivankurds says:

    ops sorry i mean it is not live ..

  13. shivankurds says:

    i downlaoded the demo but why mine is not life .. it dosen’t flash or going up and down why is that ?

  14. ichersue says:

    i ask this because there is a myth in our country that a weaker USD and/or stronger home currency is always good for the home country and vice versa, and that if USD costs more/less in a country’s currency then that country is poorer/richer than the US. it’s a really weird misconception, and i know it’s not true but i’m not sure why

  15. ichersue says:

    the following question has been in my head since i was a little child so i really have to ask: in which ways do forex price movements affect the economy? after viewing your videos i understand that the overall strength or weakness of an economy is reflected on movements of currency pairs which include the economy’s currency, but is the converse also true?

  16. great video i have value information about the topic if you want learn more you have an open invitation

  17. martyrindia says:

    I prefer go for MT4 which is the best one

  18. josgrevar says:

    I just wanted to thank you for this online course. I’ve learned so much without paying a dime! I can only say thank you because you don’t have to do this but yet you take your time and own resources to teach us. God bless. ;)

  19. crgshell says:

    The JAVA version FX Trading Station will not run on my Mac G5???

  20. pbs187 says:

    Great video, that fx broker would you recommend.

  21. v149266 says:

    EUR/JPY 114.81 BUY
    GBP/JPY 129.15 BUY

  22. shakaama says:

    i assume you want us to pick something volatil.

    with the election i’ll pick the euro/usd:1.2879 buy 1.2880 sell and usd/cad: 1.1629 buy 1.1632 sell

  23. swingkid says:

    EUR/USD buy: 1.25731
    USD/JPY buy: 93.713

  24. Nkatsikanis says:

    GBP/USD 1.7738 Buy
    GBP/USD 1.7732 Sell

  25. ki11acali says:

    Hey David I love the videos. I had a few questions. When it comes to options trading on forex, is it similar to regular stock option trading? Do we buy a contract? Etc.. I was a little confused on how much US dollars we would risk on lets say a call on GDP/YEN.

    Also, what do the daily charts go by? Since the market is open 24/7, how is the end of a daily period judged?

    Thank you very much.


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