86. Forex Trading – Setting Up Your Trading Software

August 22, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

clk.atdmt.com A lesson on getting set up with a forex trading demo account for active currency and foreign exchange traders.

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25 Responses to “86. Forex Trading – Setting Up Your Trading Software”
  1. Nice, but i prefer Free Forex Robot

  2. contactxxx says:

    It doesn’t work on MAC, any alternatives available, thx

  3. wtgsdfes says:

    We’ve been using this forex system for over a year now, and this has completely changed our lives! Now money isn’t a problem for us any more, and because it takes only very little time to trade using the Forex AutoMoney system, we also have plenty of time for us. The system is very simple to use and we can honestly say that anyone can succeed financially with this forex system. Learn how to make money at [ MakeMoney8SScom ](replace SS with a dot)

  4. AvrilL1982 says:

    thanks for the tip..

    but i would just use “itrademax” tax software.^_^’

  5. Just in case anybody wants to know the real truth the Forex market is a scam, nobody in the world can beat it. I know which direction a currency will go all day long with 90% accuracy, so if you think you can beat it, then we’ll make millions within months. But guess what, you can’t beat it, nobody can. Don’t ruin your life with the Forex like I did, let me show you how to trade Oil and make real money on a consistent basis. Check out my website in my profile, and my Forex Is A Scam.


  6. markcrisp07 says:

    I use an unbeleivably simple system to trade forex. No it’s not get rich quick. I have losing weeks/months but overall I come out ahead.
    fxscalpingmethod . com

  7. ah the Old FXCM Platform

  8. i like you video, i am testing also a good tooll to make money using forex robots

  9. arelee78 says:

    This is the easiest way to make auto money on earth. Click to believe. No need to know anything about forex.

    arelee78 . fxautomny . hop . clickbank . net

  10. aasa0076 says:

    demo accounts is limited period , months , weeks,,,
    try to open new demo

  11. …i am most definitely inputting my username and password correctly but the login keeps timing out. wtf?

  12. professional solutions for institutional and privat traders are on

    trading-pc (.) com

  13. Dmystifier says:

    what if u r at work and don’t have the admin right to install things on the work pc. does anyone know where is the option or process for the web based trading? without any installation?

  14. Great video thanks for posting this.

  15. hi dave, your are very informative.
    may i know whats the legal age to open a fx account? im a student currently.

  16. Hey Forexfrenzy, Glad to hear from you. A lot of people like the Metatrader platform so I am hoping that FXCM will release their own version soon. Best Regards, Dave

  17. ForexFrenzy says:

    I do not use FXCM I use Metatrader for analysing the market with its great indicator tools, then I use the brokers website to place a trade, but I’ll watch the your videos still ;)

  18. Very nice video. Click on my account to see other free forex trading strategy course.

  19. 04433030 says:

    MSG ME ON MSN MESSENGR !!! ID IS jane22fallim bored and need someone 2 talk 2 K

  20. lofa912 says:

    Fxcm is easy to use,demo acc= qucik and no info really needed. They also offer micro lots= 400:1 leverage. $25 to get your feet wet. BUT strategies and money management still apply people.

  21. Hey Dave,
    Very nice and help full video.

  22. I have a collection of forex autopilot trading videos. Have used myself and found them very profitable. Just want to share with you. Click on my account to see the videos.

  23. Hi csmaca, Thanks for the note that is good to know. Best Regards, Dave

  24. csmaca says:

    FXCM also has a trading station for Mac, which I’m trying out now.

  25. Hey Markduff, Glad you found both useful and thanks as always for the comments. Best Regards, Dave

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