80. Who Really Controls the Forex Market?

August 24, 2010 by  
Filed under Forex Trading Market

www.informedtrades.com A lesson on the structure of the foreign exchange market for active traders and investors trading the currency market.

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21 Responses to “80. Who Really Controls the Forex Market?”
  1. pikiwiki says:

    thanks these help

  2. aasqqsify says:

    Best system ever. Other Forex system don’t even come close. No analysis, no complicated decision taking. Just simple, plain signals telling us exactly when to buy and when to sell. Great opportunity for anyone looking for easy income. Learn how at [ MakeMoney8HHcom ](replace HH with a dot)

  3. Another great video, you always remember when you got stopped out by 1 PIP, but forget about when you were kept in by 1 PIP.

  4. mrhazel says:

    too bad for some of you who will never get spot fx. this is informative but this is stuff i already know but dave is a great trader all around and newbies should listen up on this. nice video! keep it up! we need more like this when people who get discouraged know what they’re up against so they can trade accordingly

  5. mrhazel says:

    Really, some of you guys are complaining about forex when you don’t kow how to trade it?! your startegy never worked and never will. it’s funn that commodities and stock tarder talk so much crap about spot fx! they think the markets move the same…they don’t !! and your multi time frame fib drawing, news watch strategies ain’t gonna work. the minute i dropped time frames is the minute me and my friends started making profitable trades on a consistent basis!

  6. Listen everyone, people are going to tell you they make money trading the forex, trust me, they don’t. Look at my profile and watch my video on the forex market, it will OPEN your eyes. Then let me teach you a real market by learning to trade Oil, you cannot imagine how profitable it is and how relatively easy it is to trade if you know what you’re doing. The Forex is a 100% scam market, watch my video and you’ll see. Don’t ruin your life trading the Forex

  7. jgray110 says:

    I’ll give you two examples of what you are up against: I placed my penny stop 100 pips away in the one-minute EURUSD chart and gestured a finger sign, they ran that stop in an hour; I watched the JPYs drop 100 points in one bar in less than 10 seconds wiping out countless MAs and stops. Totally manipulated and your broker is in on it.

  8. jgray110 says:

    I am going to start camcording my trades, after 200 live trades of the same frustrating crap, so you can see and be utterly shocked how dirty filthy these forex controllers including banks and brokers ruthlessly manipulate control that inch between price and YOUR pathetic fill. I was hoping to get out of the cold but there’s no money at all or career here, They are ruthless. I wish all of the forex industry people the worst Christmas and a horrible jobless new year.

  9. qiranwang says:

    well, the world is pretty big

  10. There are so many factors effecting the market it’s staggering.

  11. gariouslee says:

    Hi Dave, are you a multimillionaire by just doing trading?


  12. Hi VP10101, I recommend FXCM. Best Regards, Dave

  13. vp10101 says:

    Which FX brokers do you recommend? I currently trade with IBFX, but was wondering which you like? Thanks!

  14. mmikhaiel says:

    I like all your videos. They are very informative.


  15. ForexFrenzy says:

    Nice diagram of the different spreads available for Banks-Institutions-Companies- us poor travellers ;) 100-500 pip spreads, yes the currency exchanges really do suck us out when we have no other choice at the airport :(

  16. glad to hear it. Thanks for the comment and for watching there are lots more to come. Best Regards, Dave

  17. surgtek33 says:

    Thank you so much. Your videos are just what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been learning a lot. Keep it up… Please!

  18. Hi mphandel, My pleasure thank you for the comment. Best Regards, Dave

  19. my pleasure thank you for the comment. Best Regards, Dave

  20. yosergeibell says:

    very informative thanks dave..

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