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Filed under Forex Trading Strategies

This is a 20-40pip trading strategy that you can use in your day trading. Please visit my blog at: tradersbud.blogspot.com

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7 Responses to “20 – 40 PIP STRATEGY”
  1. @fonzi0was0cool Thanks for the question, I am sorry it has taken me a bit to get back to You. I am just getting back into town. (^_^). No, actually it works many times during the NY session. For me I find the European session the easiest to trade. I usually get more consistent profits there (^_^). I determine swing highs/ lows by the candlestick pattern. Always look for that flagship reversal candle, it says “pay attention, something could be changing soon”


    does this method only work on a ranging market ? how many candlesticks do you look back on to determine the swing high or low, on a 15m timeframe ? and what are the best times to trade ?

  3. @fonzi0was0cool No my Friend it is Traders Friend (^_^). Have a great trading day

  4. simone guy, is that you ??


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